Professional Negligence

Whether you have used the services of a professional and are dissatisfied or if you are a professional faced with a potential claim for professional negligence our team of professional negligence solicitors are here to help you.


We are sensitive to the fact that if you require the services of a professional whether it be:

  • Solicitor

  • Barrister

  • Accountant

  • Architect

  • Engineer

  • Financial advisor

  • Insurance broker

  • Surveyor

  • Tax consultant

  • Medical professional


That careless advice is never acceptable and there can be significant consequences for relying upon such advice.

If you can prove that there is a body of opinion that would have given a contrary opinion and offered difference advice then we can help. Call today to speak to our team and discuss the possibility of working on a No Win no fee basis.

If however you are a professional that has devoted their life to the pursuit of a successful career in their field and are faced with a potential claim for negligence we can also help.

Embracing the spirit of the Pre-action protocol a significant portion of disputes can be resolved through mediation and alternative dispute resolution.

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