Housing Disrepair

If you are renting a property that has fallen into disrepair there is a remedy in law for you. Landlords are required to ensure that rental property is kept in good order and there are sanctions for failing to do so.


If you have complained to your landlord and they have ignored your grievance call our housing team to discuss the merits of your case and if it is suitable to be dealt with on a No Win No Fee basis.


Examples of disrepair could include but are not limited to:


  • Damp & Mould

  • Electrical faults or hazards

  • Broken or faulty gas boilers

  • Vermin such as rodents, bedbugs and cockroaches

  • Rotting to your windows & doors frames causing ingress or wood lice infestation

  • Damaged interior such as wallpaper, curtains and carpets that have been affected by damp

  • Blocked drains and leaks from the roof of your property from missing tiles

  • Badly maintained brickwork to the outside of the property which is causing water to enter your property

  • Damage to your belongings, goods or furniture can occur through many avenues. Failure to meet this obligation to repair can result in inconvenience, damage to your belongings, personal injury or ill health. If you have suffered any inconvenience, injury, illness as a result of disrepair you may be eligible to claim compensation

  • Don’t suffer in silence no one deserves to live in substandard accommodation and if you find yourself in such a predicament you are entitled to compensation.

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